Terms & Conditions

1.       Security deposit

Complete security deposit amount will be collected on product delivery. Products will not be issued against incomplete security deposit payments. 

2.       First day rental fee

First day rental fee is a one time fee per order. First day rental fee will be deducted from security deposit amount during product return. 

3.       Rental fee

Rental fee of the product is calculated on daily basis. Rental fee per day of the product charged from second day is displayed on product page. Total rental fee of the product will be deducted from security deposit during return.

4.        Photo proof 

The rented product will be checked during delivery. Photo proofs of the product, remarks on products current condition will be emailed to customer during delivery. 

5.        Damage

In case of damage of product or accessory please contact us. We will guide you. Do not try to repair yourself or take it to local vendor for repair. We do not encourage service from local vendors. Repairing form local shops will make the product to lose its warranty and will not be accepted for return. Products will be checked before return pickup. In case of damage of product or accessory, the total cost for repair or replacement will be deducted from security deposit amount. The total cost of repair including transportation charges will be informed after confirming from company authorized service center.

6.       Returns

Please let us know about your product return via phone or Whats-app

7.       Minimum rent

First day rental fee will be will be charged if the product is returned within 24 hours.

8.       Payment method

Currently we accept payments via UPI and cash only.

9.    Security deposit return

The security deposit amount balance after deducting total product rent, damage and replacement charges( if any), Return Pickup charges will be transferred to bank account within 3 to 4 working days. Please note in case of damage or part lost, the security deposit will be released only after complete product repair.

10.    Non rental items return

Non rental items and accessories purchased will not be accepted for return.

11.    Security deposit acknowledgement

A hard copy of security deposit acknowledgement with quotation will be issued during product delivery. Acknowledgement slip should be returned during return pickup.

12.    Instrument maintenance

Please maintain instrument neat and clean. Please wipe your instrument every day with a soft dry cloth (without water) after use. Cover your keyboard after use to avoid dust accumulation. Cleaning charges will applicable if instrument and accessories are not maintained in good condition. 

     13.    Sticker and Scratches 

Avoid Scratches on the instrument. Do not paste any type of sticker on the instrument. Cleaning charges will be applicable.